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About us

We help students with an aim of enhancing their skills in in order to effectively achieve substantial growth in their careers. Through the valuable courses offered that are cost effective and expertly taught by a devoted team of trainers, you will be able to attain a level of education that will enhance your confidence with your talents.

This is a place for people who are looking to build their skills in order to effectively achieve substantial growth in their careers.

Being developed and enhanced by a dedicated team, KI is the best campus to make your goals and dreams come true. Our institutes are ranked in the top positions in Punjab, Pakistan and Dhofar, Oman. Why to waste time in searching for colleges, the ideal place is here to build up your career and develop your professional stream.

Why Kings Institute

Teaching expertise

All our permanent teachers are qualified and are dedicated to continually innovating their classroom teaching to maximise the impact of learning on students.

Year-round courses

We deliver courses - for all ages and levels - throughout the year, so you or your group can study with us when it suits you best.

Excellent care & support

Across all ages, we get to know you as an individual, and give you personalised care and support - both inside and outside the classroom.

Variety of Courses

At KI, We have a lot options available which are suitable for everyone's preferences.


At KI, majority of our programs are cost effective and affordable, available for people no matter the class or background.

Excursions and Trips

Integrating new travel experiences into your learning programme has multiple benefits, that is why we offer excursions and full day trips.